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NorCal Coach Training for the 2020-21 Season



It’s time!
NorCal Coach Training for the 2020-21 Season.

Welcome NorCal Odyssey Coach!

The 2020-2021 season looks to be filled with lots of new and exciting firsts but also filled with much tradition and creativity. Thank you for volunteering as an Odyssey of the Mind Coach. You have volunteered to take an amazing journey as a guide to creativity and innovation.

This season we are thrilled to announce a NEW Coach Training that has brought together program information, coaching tools and wisdom for your guidance through this journey we call Odyssey of the Mind. Both New and Experienced Coaches get the opportunity to travel through the coach training program this season. The new program has been in the works for a long time and its completion comes at a perfect point to assist Coaches during this unique period of social distancing.

For your convenience, ALL training will take place online! The training program starts with online self-paced training modules that you can take at your convenience and then followed by a live webinar run by expert volunteers.

There are three elements to the training:

  • Self-paced set of modules that explain the history and mechanics of Odyssey of the Mind
  • A live interactive webinar with guest presenters from throughout the regions
  • Problem specific videos for each of the problems conducted by the Problem Captains.

You do not need to do the online self-paced training all at once, but it is important to review the materials and take the check-in quizzes prior to the webinar. This self-paced environment provides you more flexibility while significantly shortening the “in seat” time needed to attend the webinar. Your Regional Director will be contacting you soon with information on how to register for training.

Additionally, we know that many of you are wondering how Odyssey of the Mind will work virtually. Odyssey of the Mind Headquarters is hard at work finalizing the process. Be on the lookout for updates and announcements on regional and state websites, along with social media. To assist in your virtual journey right now be sure and check out the Virtual Journey Tools under the Coaches Tab on the NorCal Odyssey website. There are many videos and resources. The virtual journey is very much like the in-person journey, teams still meet, develop ideas, create a solution, and develop team comradery. The virtual journey will give these creative students a new platform to present those innovative and visionary solutions and it’s a platform that these students live in. We can’t wait to see how this season’s participants use the virtual platform as a new canvas for creativity.

Welcome to the new season full of the amazing combination of tradition and new virtual approaches. We look forward to “seeing” you on a webinar soon.

Be safe and enjoy a creative season.

Diedre Girod

State Association Director, California North Odyssey of the Mind