Odyssey Team Members

Memberships – National, Association, Tournament

There are three steps to paying membership fees. Each group will need to complete ALL the fee steps to be considered fully registered to participate at regional, state, and world.

Memberships - Step 1-  National-Membership

National Membership

National memberships may be purchased by a school or organization. With one membership you can form a team for each problem in each division (age group) housed within a school. Memberships start at $290 with discounts available for districts or bulk memberships.

Memberships - Step 1-  National-Membership

NorCal Membership

Purchasing an association membership registers your group at the state level. Funds from the purchase of NorCal memberships are used to run tournaments, train officials and maintain the program in NorCal – California North Association.

Memberships - Step 1-  National-Membership

Qualifying Tournament

Each team competing in a Qualifying Tournament pays one registration fee per team. There is no additional fee if your team advances to the state tournament. This fee can be paid in December when the team registers for the tournament.

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