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2024-2025 Long-Term Problem Synopses are here!



Which One Will You Solve?

Every year Odyssey HQ releases new problems that touch on six different areas that have direct connections to real-world challenges and imaginative themes.

2024-2025 Season Problems


In competition, every team solves a spontaneous problem. This part of the competition is called “Spontaneous” because teams don’t know what they’ll have to do until they enter the competition room; spontaneous problems are kept “top secret.” Solving spontaneous problems teaches students to think on their feet and to creatively solve problems as they arise.

2024-2025 Long-Term Problem Synopses

*Remember that these are just a taste of the challenge to come.  DO NOT try to solve the problem from this small note.  Complete problem details will be out by the end of August. You need a membership to access the complete problem.