Refund and Late Fee Policies

Refund and Late Fee Policies for the 2023-24 season

Membership & Tournament Fees: No refunds will be offered. If a team feels that they should be refunded, the Association Director or Assistant Association Director will speak with them, gather information and make an informed decision whether to waive it.

Late Fees: The tournament registration deadline was December 31st, 2023, which included payment of tournament fees. Late payment will be accepted until January 17, 2024; payment after January 17th will be charged an additional $25 late fee.

FAQ: What if a team registers after the December 31st deadline? The Association reserves the right to refuse to accommodate any team that registers after the deadline and will accept additional teams at the Association’s discretion. Teams will still only have until January 17th to pay their tournament fees without penalty. Payment after January 17th will be charged a late fee.

FAQ: What if a team has sent in (through their school) a PO? That is considered payment.

FAQ: What if a team paid their tournament fee and is unable to make it to the tournament? The AD or AAD will make an informed decision on a refund after gathering information and speaking with the team.

FAQ: What do the Membership and Tournament fees pay for? The fees pay for everything including the tournament sites, spontaneous supplies, all other supplies (paper, toner, clipboards, signs, pens, sticky notes, etc.), food for the judges, storage site fees to store equipment in the offseason, rental truck to move equipment to and from tournaments and any unexpected expenses. Reminder: Everyone on the Board are volunteers and DO NOT get paid to run the program.