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Important Follow-up World Finals Information – For ALL Teams from NorCal

Dear NorCal Odyssey Coaches, A notice went out on Friday/Saturday letting all Odyssey coaches know that World Finals will be held virtually this year. I hope that your team can find a way to participate in this unique opportunity and showcase

WORLD FINALS UPDATE – ALL NorCal Teams Please Read

Message from Odyssey of the Mind HQ – Sammy Micklus, Executive Director Odyssey of the Mind Dear Odyssey of the Mind Team Members, Coaches, Families and Supporters,The world is experiencing a great amount of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety due to

2020 NorCal State Assoc. Tournament Canceled Due To Current Health Safety Concerns

Dear Odyssey of the Mind Coaches and Officials, Thursday evening our California North Association board voted unanimously to cancel the NorCal tournament. It was a painful decision, but we believe it is necessary.  Per the message sent to coaches on

NorCal State Association Tournament – Health Concern Update

Dear California North Advancing Team Coaches, Once again, congratulations on your advancement to the NorCal tournament!  Now that all of the regional tournaments are behind us, this update is to confirm that we plan to hold our California North tournament

The Janis Dewar Distinguished Service Award Nominations

This season NorCal Odyssey of the Mind and state of California lost very dedicated and passionate member of the organization that truly carried the spirit of the program in her heart, Janis Dewar. To honor Janis’ involvement in the program

Welcome to NorCAL Odyssey of the Mind

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Odyssey of the Mind Season
Our California North Association and six regional organizing teams are looking forward to sharing this year’s adventures with all of you as, along with our amazing community of volunteers, we present creative problem solving tournaments for student teams of all ages both at the regional and association
levels. Our goal is to provide a fantastic experience that will inspire new ideas, build teamwork, and provide opportunities to make new friends!
Officials and coaches, thank you for your responses to our end of season survey. You will see your feedback in action throughout the season starting with an association wide coaches training day focused on spontaneous problems. Details will be coming soon for this fall event!

If you haven’t already, check out the 2020 Long Term Problem synopses and start forming your teams!

You can find the synopses here:
LT Problem Synopses

On this site you can discover and explore:
 How to find your region and get local information
 What problem you would like to compete in
 How to form teams and purchase memberships
 Event schedules

And much more!
Please also explore your regional sites, and feel free to contact your regional or California North contacts if you need more information.

Saundra Hodges
California North Odyssey of the Mind
Volunteer Association Director

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Any school, home school, or community group may purchase a national membership from Creative Competitions, Inc. for $135.00.

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Purchase a state membership from NorCal Odyssey Association for $80.00, which is required of each national membership to participate in the NorCal Odyssey of the Mind program.

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Each team competing in a Regional Tournament pays a registration fee per team.

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NorCal Odyssey is a non-profit organizations that runs on volunteer efforts. Help support the efforts of this organization to give Nouthern California students the opportunity to let their imaginations grow and be creative.

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