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Time to Celebrate!


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Celebrate your accomplishments!

Tuesday Tip: Celebrate & Next Steps

Congratulations! You and your team did it! As you know by now, just getting your team to the tournament and overcoming all the challenges before, during and after competition is QUITE AN ACCOMPLISHMENT! Celebrate (no matter what place the team came in)! You went on a journey and hopefully, everyone learned a lot!

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Certificates: Here are links to certificates if you want to print them. You’ll need Google Chrome. It will ask you to make a copy so you can edit the “Name of Student” line before printing.

Individual Team Member Awards: If you decide to have a celebratory team dinner or event, you could create special awards (on paper plates or cardstock) for each individual on the team. Here’s a list of possible individual awards found online.

Advancing to the State Tournament Coaches: Coaches advancing to State should have received an email with directions explaining how to register for the State Tournament and other details. This email went out on February 12. If you did not receive it, please contact our Communications Director, Kristen Friend.

Contact the Communications Director

This year ALL Advancing teams have been automatically registered. Please get in touch with our Events Director, Isabel Gervis if your team will NOT be attending the State Tournament. Also, contact Isabel if you have special needs or schedule needs that differ from what was listed for the Qualifying Tournament.

Contact the Events Director

Send New Pictures of the Team: Another slideshow will be created for the Awards Ceremony. Please send 1-2 pictures of the team, preferably from the Qualifying Tournament to Please include Membership Name, Problem Number & division.

You Can Make Changes: If your team wishes to try and improve low scores on their LT Raw Scores, they are allowed to do so. You can also change choices/wording on the paperwork based on the positive notes received from judges or audience reactions during the performance.

THANK YOU for COACHING, volunteering and supporting your team, and taking your team on this journey called Odyssey of the Mind!