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Paperwork – gotta have it!


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Odyssey of the Mind tournament paperwork

Your paperwork is a critical part of your solution!

Resist the temptation to wait until the very last minute to do your team paperwork. Your paperwork is the team’s line of communication with the Judges.

You have been deep in your preparations, going over your script and practicing for competition. You know all about your characters and story and theme. But remember, this is the first time judges will see your solution. The only thing they know about your performance is what you tell them on your paperwork.

Your paperwork lets judges know what to look for so they don’t miss anything about your solution. 

Remember, Division 1 coaches you can ASSIST with paperwork, but please use your team’s words and involve them in the process. You are writing what they tell you to write. Do not simply fill out the paperwork on your own.

What paperwork is needed?

  • Team Required list – 4 copies
  • Outside assistance form – 1 copy
  • Cost Form – 1 copy

Review the Program Guide to see which items can be RENTED rather than including the entire value of the item. For example, musical instruments or an iPhone

Costs on the budget sheet need to reflect how much of an item you used, not the total cost. Ex. you used 1/2 roll of duct tape that cost $5. Your cost form line item should be $2.50.

Read more about cost forms here.

Do not forget to review the program guide for line-item cost of street clothes and shoes. READ CAREFULLY.

  • Style Form – 4 copies

Do not simply rewrite the required items as listed in the full problem description. Be detailed and tell the judges specifically what you want them to judge for style.

For Free Choice of Team Style items, do not include items already scored in the long-term problem. Watch our style webinar.

Watch our paperwork webinar.

  • Team/Coach Code of Conduct – Submitted online – These forms need to be available by request at any tournament.

Templates for these forms and FULL instructions can be found on the national website at Click on Teams > Member Resources.