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Mentor Coach Discussion

Want to get more out of your season? Join our Buddy Team program as a mentor or mentee!

We’ve all been there, in a new role, wondering how everything can possibly come together. Now, you can help others who are in this tough spot! Mentor coaches will have the opportunity to provide basic guidance on team development and resolving team conflicts. New coaches will have the chance to learn from those who have been in the Odyssey trenches.

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What’s in it for me?

Coaches can commiserate, share, learn and gain moral support. Mentors, you may even be surprised what you might learn from the fresh perspectives and questions of a new coach.

Younger kids can expand their confidence and their horizons, while older kids can build their leadership skills. And together, all of NorCal can benefit from a sense of shared purpose and community.

Will I be helping my competition?

We wouldn’t do that to you! Teams in the same problem and division will not be paired together. You will not compete against your buddy team — you may even get a chance to cheer each other on at the tournament, another benefit for the kids!

Remember: No Outside Assistance! General advice about team building, cooperation and related issues only.