Volunteers – Positions

Awards Set Up:

Responsible for setting up the main stage in the auditorium for the Awards Ceremony at the end of the day.

Clean Up Crew:

Once teams begin finishing competition we will need help with putting away chairs and tables. There will be banners and signs to take down, boxes to pack back up and put in cars. We all work together as a team and we work fast so Clean Up is actually the shortest volunteer shift of the day.

Prep Patrol:

Responsible for patrolling the Pathways, Commons Area, Bathrooms, and around campus. If you see what appears to be outside assistance just please gently remind the team and coach that this is unacceptable.


Hospitality is responsible for all the food that is prepared and served throughout the day. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are served for the Judges and Officials.

Information Booth:

To staff the information booth this will also house the Lost and Found.


To set up the registration area first thing that morning, check in the Judges and Volunteers. You will also check-in the teams. You then give them their packets and answer any questions.


To sell really cool Odyssey of the Mind merchandise and toys, track sales and handle monies.

Score Runner:

You will be responsible for going around and collecting the score packets and delivering them to the score room for tabulation.

Set up Crew:

Duties are to help get the different tournament areas set up and ready to go before competition starts.

Spontaneous Competition Area:

Help in the Spontaneous Problem as either a Check in Person, Runner or in the Holding Room. Good sense of humor required, must be able to joke around with the kids and help them relax and enjoy the day. Spontaneous can be a little scary for first time teams.

Traffic Control:

Patrol parking and circle-drive to keep clear. Assist coaches who need to unload props, scenery, costumes and solutions, and then make sure they clear the unloading zone and park in designated parking lots.

Coaches & Teams
Judges & Volunteers