Steps to State

OMERs trading pins

What Happens on the Way to the NorCal State Tournament?

Step 1:

The first step toward participating in the State Competition is to participate in one Qualifying Tournament.  Based on the advancement guidelines, the top teams from each Qualifying Tournament will be invited to compete at the State Association level.

If you are invited to advance, your team is registered! Teams are advanced to the state tournament automatically.  If your team is unable to attend, and will NOT attend, please notify the Events Director within three days following your regional tournament.

Contact Events Director.

Step 2:

Each team’s volunteer judge will advance with the team to the next level of competition. This information was shared at coach training and judge training.  No additional training is required.  Judge needs to register for the state tournament within three days following your regional tournament.

Register Judge for NorCal State Association Tournament

Step 3:

Order state pins. Pin trading is the rage! Individual team members trade pins with other team members from across NorCal at the State Tournament. Team members will trade their special bridging creativity pin, purchased through the state, with other team members from different bridging creativity pins so that they can collect all three from NorCal. Don’t miss out on this tradition of meeting other teams from NorCal and trading pins.

NorCal Store – Order Pins

Step 4:

If your team will need to stay in the area due to traveling a distance be sure to get your hotel reservations.  Hotels are limited in the area and currently, hotels are not giving any special event pricing.

Step 5:

Each team will need a 2-hour volunteer to assist at the tournament.  Team volunteer needs to be signed up no later than 2 days after the schedule is posted.

Coaches & Teams
Judges & Volunteers
  • Judges, Time to Register!
    Competitions will take place on Saturday, February 3, 2024, at Natomas High School in Sacramento and on Saturday, February 10, 2024, at Edna Hill Middle School in Brentwood.
  • Qualifying Tournament Registration is Open!
    A team may participate in one Qualifying Tournament. Please only register for one weekend. Teams wishing to advance to the State Tournament must compete in a Qualifying Tournament.
  • Don’t Forget Your STYLE!
    Teams are encouraged to develop a theme and incorporate creative elements into their solutions in technical, vehicle, structure AND performance long-term problems.