Pin Trading at Assoc. Finals

Pin trading is the rage!

Individual team members trade pins with other team members from across NorCal at the State Tournament. Team members will trade their special state pins, purchased through the state website, with other team members who have different pins from the set so that they can collect them all. Don’t miss out on this tradition of meeting other teams from NorCal and trading pins!


Pin Orders Due March 1, 2024

Pin orders need to be placed as one order by the coach or coordinator.

No Individual Orders.

Coaches ONLY: You can pick up your pin order at the tournament.

At the NorCal Association Tournament, trade with team members from other areas and collect all pins. Each order of pins will contain ONE pin from the set for each team member. Every team member will receive the same pin. Team members will need to trade with others to get the complete set. If you are unable to trade for all pieces throughout the competition, you will have an opportunity to do so from 3 – 3:30 p.m. at the souvenir stand before closing ceremonies.

*** These pins are ONLY available to teams
that advance to the NorCal Association Competition. ***

Coaches order their team pins online. One order per team needs to be completed by a coach or coordinator.

Coaches & Teams
Judges & Volunteers
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