State Advancement Packet

Odyssey of the Mind Team - NorCal

Congratulations on Advancing to the NorCal Association Tournament!!!

Dear Finalist Team and Coach(es),

Advancing to the NorCal Association tournament from your regional competition is an honor sought by over 550 teams throughout Northern California! Your hard work and outstanding creativity have earned you the right to compete at the Association Finals. Your team now represents not only your school and your school district but also all the teams from your region.


To register your team, your coach should go to Click on Member Area, Tournament Registration, and then follow the prompts to sign up for the State Tournament. Please register within the next four days. If you cannot attend the tournament, please inform your regional director as soon as possible. If your coach has not been to the state tournament and would like to speak with a coach who has attended before, please contact your regional director.

This tournament promises to be an amazing event!!


This has become a fun tradition at our state tournaments! Be sure to order your regional pin set so you are all ready to pin trade with other omers during the tournament! A handout for ordering your set of regional pins (and an OM lanyard) will be available on the NorCal Odyssey website.


We will be selling lots of fun souvenirs at the state tournament, including Odyssey of the Mind items and NorCal OotM world finals pins! We will also have NorCal Odyssey of the Mind State Tournament t-shirts/hoodies for sale. Each shirt/hoodie will be custom-made to your specifications right on site! Various designs will be available, and your team’s names can be put on the back!!


To support our state scholarship fund, we will be selling raffle tickets for two items. The first is a quilt made of cool Odyssey of the Mind t-shirts from around the World. The second item will be a pin towel of World Finals pins from last year’s OotM World Finals competition! Your state director traded for some awesome t-shirts and pins for these items, so please be sure to support this amazing scholarship! Stop by souvenir sales to view these items and purchase raffle tickets. Winners will be announced at awards.

As you prepare for Association Finals, we encourage you to practice your solution in many different places and before a large variety of people and keep practicing spontaneous problems!! Performing opportunities might include your school, PTA/PTO, your district school board, and local community organizations. During all the excitement, we want to encourage you to enjoy your achievement and keep focusing on teamwork and creativity.

When you are at Finals, be sure to appreciate and applaud the other teams from NorCal. This is a great opportunity to make new friends with teams from across the state.

  • Judges, Time to Register!
    Competitions will take place on Saturday, February 3, 2024, at Natomas High School in Sacramento and on Saturday, February 10, 2024, at Edna Hill Middle School in Brentwood.
  • Qualifying Tournament Registration is Open!
    A team may participate in one Qualifying Tournament. Please only register for one weekend. Teams wishing to advance to the State Tournament must compete in a Qualifying Tournament.
  • Don’t Forget Your STYLE!
    Teams are encouraged to develop a theme and incorporate creative elements into their solutions in technical, vehicle, structure AND performance long-term problems.