State Advancement Packet

Odyssey of the Mind Team - NorCal

Congratulations on Advancing to the NorCal Association Tournament!!!

Advancing to the NorCal Association tournament from your regional competition is an honor sought by hundreds of teams throughout Northern California! Your hard work and outstanding creativity have earned you the right to compete at the Association Finals. Your team now represents not only your school and your school district but also all the teams from your region.


Team registration is worry-free! If your team has met the criteria for advancement, you’re registered. If you cannot attend the tournament, please inform our Events Director as soon as possible. The deadline to opt-out of the state tournament is February 23.

Contact the Events Director

If your coach has not been to the state tournament and would like to speak with a coach who has attended before, please contact our Teams Team.

Contact the Teams Team

This tournament promises to be an amazing event!!


Your team’s judge moves on to the State Association Tournament, too! Congratulations on your team advancing to the State Finals! Your judge will automatically be registered for the state tournament.

Coaches, a big THANK YOU for making sure your team’s judge knows they have been advanced to the state finals. We cannot hold tournaments without our fabulous volunteer judges. Every judge counts, and we appreciate your help in keeping them informed of the next steps!

If your team judge has a conflict, please have them contact our Officials Director as soon as possible.

Contact the Officials Director


This has become a fun tradition at our state tournaments! Be sure to order your regional pin set so you are all ready to pin trade with other omers during the tournament!


We will be selling lots of fun souvenirs at the state tournament, including Odyssey of the Mind items and NorCal OotM world finals pins! We will also have NorCal Odyssey of the Mind State Tournament t-shirts/hoodies for sale. Each shirt/hoodie will be custom-made to your specifications right on site! Various designs will be available, and your team’s names can be put on the back!!


To support our state scholarship fund, we will be selling raffle tickets for a quilt made of cool Odyssey of the Mind t-shirts from around the World. Your state director traded for some awesome t-shirts and pins for these items, so please be sure to support this amazing scholarship! Stop by souvenir sales to view these items and purchase raffle tickets. Winners will be announced at awards.


As you prepare for Association Finals, we encourage you to practice your solution in many different places and before a large variety of people and keep practicing spontaneous problems!! Performing opportunities might include your school, PTA/PTO, your district school board, and local community organizations. During all the excitement, we want to encourage you to enjoy your achievement and keep focusing on teamwork and creativity.

When you are at the Finals, be sure to appreciate and applaud the other teams from NorCal. This is a great opportunity to make new friends with teams from across the state.

Coaches & Teams
Judges & Volunteers
  • “Make it the best it can be.” Remembering Dr. Sam.
    We share some sad news. Dr. Sam, the founder of Odyssey of the Mind, has passed. We remember him with a warm heart and the memories that are created in Odyssey.
  • How are Spontaneous Problems Chosen for Competitions?
    Approximately ⅓ of your final calculated score is based on Spontaneous. Practice, practice, practice…AND…Have fun realizing that on-the-spot creativity can be helped along with advanced prep!
  • Good News! You Can Modify.
    This is when teams are re-evaluating their solutions in light of their experiences at their Qualifying Tournament. And yes, you have the opportunity to make adjustments to your solution given what you learned.