Coast to Coast Buddy Teams

California and New York Buddy Teams

Coast to Coast Buddy Teams

Coast to Coast Buddy Teams - California and New York Associations

For the first time ever!!! California and New York Associations come together to pair up teams for Buddy Teams!

World Finals teams from the California and New York have the opportunity to serve as “Buddy Teams” to a team from the other state participating at World Finals. It is our wish to provide each Team a warm welcome and support as they participate in World Finals.

Here is a general idea of Buddy Team interaction:

  • The Buddy Teams get together after arrival to campus.
  • Though the degree of interaction varies from team to team, the  students will be most interested in learning about where you live, what your school is like, and the differences between the states located on opposite sides of the US.
  • You may eat some meals together, plan an excursion off campus, go swimming, play soccer, or just hang out together.
  • Buddy Teams can exchange the half of the pin set to complete the set.  Teams may also want to  exchange small gifts with each other.

To participate as a California/ New York Buddy Team, your team must complete the form for consideration.

Buddy Team Participation Form

For more information please email our Buddy Team Coordinator.

  • How are Spontaneous Problems Chosen for Competitions?
    Approximately ⅓ of your final calculated score is based on Spontaneous. Practice, practice, practice…AND…Have fun realizing that on-the-spot creativity can be helped along with advanced prep!
  • Good News! You Can Modify.
    This is when teams are re-evaluating their solutions in light of their experiences at their Qualifying Tournament. And yes, you have the opportunity to make adjustments to your solution given what you learned.
  • Time to Celebrate!
    Congratulations! You and your team did it! As you know by now, just getting your team to the tournament and overcoming all the challenges before, during and after competition is QUITE AN ACCOMPLISHMENT!