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Tuesday Tip: Finishing Up Big Items


Your Team CAN Do It!

This is somewhat of a repeat of last week’s tip and advice. At this point, the tournament is quickly approaching and the team still needs to get major parts of their solution completed. Again, this is NORMAL. And with encouragement, the team CAN do it (or at least MOST of it). Continue to be the Cheerleader, TaskMaster, Counselor, and Spontaneous Coach (see last week’s tip for more details).

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Where Are The Points?

If the team needs to prioritize what to work on next (in the list of items still to finish), which item will help them earn the most points? The Scoring Section (Section D in the problem description) is a great checklist at this point and should be referred to often to see if the team has completed all parts of the problem. Remember that each of the Style elements (Section F) are worth 10 points each.

Although not worth points, paperwork is a BIG and helpful item to start working on at this point. This can be done as homework by a team member or worked on together as part of a meeting (during the snack break). The Team Required List and Style Form are most important.

Divide & Conquer

It’s more fun to work together with others on these big projects, but the whole team does not have to be involved in completing each item. Ask the team to work in pairs or groups of three so more items can be completed each meeting.


Even if all of the problem elements are unfinished, the team can still practice their skit. Keep in mind that the 8-minute time limit includes moving everything out from a starting area to the left or right of the main performance area. This is a taped area on the floor, no specific dimensions are given. Have the team practice moving supplies out from each side. Let the team decide who will be responsible for bringing out each item, where it should go, and if they want to do anything to entertain the audience as things are being moved into the performance area (not required, but some teams like to make use of this time). Schedule time to run through the skit from start to finish each meeting, if you can.

Transportation Logistics

Speaking of BIG items, if the team has created large set pieces, how will these get to the tournament? If you haven’t already done so, check in with team parents about what space is available in vehicles and/or pitching in together to rent a cargo van or trailer. If big set pieces need to be taken apart and put back together, the team needs to practice putting them back together. Adults are allowed to take items apart and pack them in vehicles, however it would be considered Outside Assistance if judges see parents putting set pieces together at the tournament site.

Good luck! And remember to HAVE FUN!