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Tuesday Tip: Assiging Homework


Winter Break Assignements

As we begin Winter Break, there’s still a lot on the team’s To Do list. You, as the coach, can assign homework or say something like, “We need some committed team members who can work on one or two of these items on the list before our next meeting.” If you are following the Odyssey in 10 Weeks program, homework is a necessity to accomplish that schedule. 

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 Remind about No Outside Assistance

Both the team members and the parents should be reminded that all of the ideas and work on the team’s solution can only come from the team members. This goes beyond family members and includes friends who are not on the team. So they probably shouldn’t work on projects when other friends are over. 

Working Together in Smaller Groups

Hopefully, at this point, the team members are bonding and building true friendships. Encourage them to schedule time during the break to work together on a project (or two). Planning these meetings might help remind them of the project(s) they said they would work on, and make it more fun to complete them. 

Sharing Ideas Online to Get Feedback

With distance learning, many students are familiar with working together online. Creating and sharing Google Docs, and having online meetings (Zoom or Google Meet) are ways the team can get feedback and/or additional ideas from team members during break time. 

Team Building Field Trip(s)

Winter Break can also be a time to meet together as a team just for the FUN of it: 

  • Go bowling or ice skating or rock climbing. 
  • Go to a movie or a play together. 
  • Have a game night together. 
  • Go out to dinner together 

More related to getting new possible ideas: 

  • Plan a day of visiting garage sales together 
  • Go to thrift stores or hardware stores together 

Or combine some team problem-solving time followed by something for the fun of it. 

Good luck! And remember to HAVE FUN!