In August of this year, 2019,  California Odyssey of the Mind lost a long time, very dedicated member of the State and California North Board.

Janis Dewar began her journey in Odyssey of the Mind 20 years ago. Janis served in many different rolls.  She served both as co-Regional Director of San Francisco Bay Region and as a state board member for California Odyssey of the Mind.  Janis worked tirelessly to make the region and state a success and received tremendous enjoyment providing opportunities for students to create and learn while participating in Odyssey.  Janis’ yearly skits, the princess gown and shiny tiara at the regional tournament and her always helpful attitude made each season special.  Janis Dewar quietly worked each and every year to make it the most it could be for all Omers.

As one parent stated:

“… I have seen my son grow in confidence, revel in success, and struggle with disappointment and defeat all through Janis’ inspiration. Odyssey of the Mind has single handedly been the biggest external influence on his development during these critical years. The program bridges the gap between team sports and classroom academics. I am so thankful that he has had these experiences and I whole heartedly credit Janis’ commitment to the program and personal character for this. I am forever indebted to her. Her consistent presence over the past 6 years has been a constant reminder of her passion for the program and for the kids.  A simple gesture of volunteering her time (and patience) set off a chain reaction that has brought so much joy and pride to my two boys. … she made one heck of a positive difference in our life.  My boys have expressed an interest in volunteering to coach a 2nd grade team as a way to “pay it forward” and honor the gesture Janis made years ago that sparked our family’s love for the program.”