Here are some frequent questions answered:

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How do I order trading pins for the state competition?
Go to the 'State' menu and click on the 'Pin Trading' page for complete instruction.

State pin orders are NOT sent to teams.  The orders are picked up close to the information booth at the State Competition by a coach.

The NorCal Association has 6 different regions which have their regional tournaments on several different weekends.  All regional tournaments need to be completed and much planning needs to happen for such a large state.  The state tournament schedule will be posted a week prior to tournament and you will be notified of its posting.

Contact your regional director with the judges information so that the director can complete the advancement of the judge to the state level.

Coaches can make scheduling requests using the "special requests" section on the team registration form when registering.  Scheduling requests can only be related to timing conflicts for students competing on multiple teams, coaches coaching multiple teams, or exceptional circumstances as approved by the state director for the state tournament.   We make every effort to honor requests of this nature but due to the size of the tournament it is not always possible.

Each team needs to have one parent volunteer for a 2-2.5 shift on the day of the State tournament.  Click on the link and choose the time slot and job that your parent volunteer would like to volunteer for.   Parent Volunteer Sign-Up Genius.

There will be two awards ceremonies.  Check back to see when you problem is having their awards.

Come cheer on all the teams and be sure to stay until then to enjoy all the festivities.