Dear NorCalomers,

For those of you who have been participating in California Odyssey for more than two years, you are aware that our guidelines for which teams advance from the regional tournaments to the state tournament have changed each year. While we understand this can cause some confusion, the state board considers many sources of data each year in determining the best advancement guidelines.  This data includes the number of teams competing across the state, how many teams are in each problem, and how many teams are in each division. These numbers change from year to year based on many factors. The board wants to ensure that as many teams advance to state as possible, while making certain that we have a manageable competition schedule for our competing teams and judging teams.

The board has several different options for advancement guidelines, and this year determined that the following guidelines will be followed:

Advancement Guidelines for 2020

Division 1, 2, 3

1-12 teams-top 2 advance

13+ teams-top 3 advance

19 teams-split into 2 sites and same rules apply


*Tie defined by Odyssey of the Mind in the Program Guide on page 10:

“Ties are declared when a team’s score is within one point of the highest score in that place. Example: final scores are 294.51, 293.57, 293.11. First place is 294.51; however, 293.57 is not a full point less than 294.51, so this becomes a tie for first place. The score 293.11 is more than one point less than the highest first-place score (294.51), so it is considered second place.”

Good luck at your regional tournaments!