Virtual Questions Answered - what's new this season?

No membership sign is required for online/virtual solutions with one exception, if the sign is a required Style element.  Check your problem's required Style elements.

  • The file name of the solution must include your membership name and number. If part of your scored solution includes the membership sign it is allowed in addition to naming the video as described.

The cost of masks or shields need to be included on the cost form if they become part of the solution or are adorned with elements that make them an element of a costume.

If the masks or shields are NOT adorned with elements to make them part of the solution or used as part of the solution they do NOT need to be included on the cost form.

This season ALL seven team members have the opportunity to participate in spontaneous.  They will work as a team to give team responses.

Teams can record their solution in any manner they decided as long as they continue to follow the health safety guidelines set by the teams local school, city, county, and state.  All safety protocols need to followed at all times. All locations are different.

Teams can record solutions on video conference platforms (i.e. Zoom), record in a driveway or outdoor area in a play like performance, or other platforms that meet the requirements of one continuous 8-minute performance recording.

Be sure to check performances from the 2020 Virtual World Finals at VWF Solutions.