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2022 NorCal Cares Service Pin


This season  a pin was developed to honor those that have helped OMers and community members through these times of natural disasters and current challenges.   We are selling NorCal Cares Pins with the California Bear sharing the love and support with a big hug. Look for this pin at the state tournament and consider a donation as well. Thanks to Plano Pins for their assistance in designing this pin which honors those that help and need help in times of need, true Odyssey Angels. Pins can be purchased here or at the State Association Tournament.

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All money raised from the sale of this pin go directly to charity supporting food insecurity in and out of the State of California. As we travel through tournament season,  lets remember the many teams who will be unable to participate this year due to the devastating natural disasters and current world challenges in and out of the state of California.  The funds raised will be used to support OMers and supporters affected by the fires, natural disasters, and current World challenges across the great state of California and around the United States.


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