2022 State Association Pandemic Protocol Guidelines

State Association Tournament Requirements:

1. All Adults, including parents, family members, coaches, judges, volunteers, officials, and members of the Odyssey of the Mind organization, that attend the Event to be Fully Vaccinated.

2. All registered team members that attend the Event satisfy one of the two requirements below:
a. To be Fully Vaccinated.
b. Have a recent negative COVID test. We recommend either a PCR test within 72 hours of the Event or an at-home test to be taken the morning of the Event.

3. All attending the Event must complete a Health Screening form attesting to their symptom and vaccination status. This form and proof of vaccination will be checked prior to admission to the Event.

4. Everyone must wear a tight-fitting face mask over their nose and mouth at all times during the Event, inside, including during any performance at the event.

5. Everyone attending the Event will be screened and team members will wear the provided wristband. Audience members for a team will be provided with labels that must be worn to enter the performance room.

6. Each Team can include up to 2 coaches.

7. Team audience: We will allow teams to bring 2 people into the room per team member for the audience not including coaches. The coach will be provided with stickers in their coach’s packet to give out to the designated people.

8. There will be no food sold on campus at the Event.

9. The Event will not have a live awards ceremony.

10. Failure of a Team (including the Adults associated with a Team) to follow the masking and/or social distancing requirement will be subject to disciplinary action, including the award of unsportsmanlike conduct points (to the Team) or being asked to leave the Event.

Printable Protocols

Printable Protocol Guidelines Poster

Printable Health Screening Form