NorCal State Association Tournament – Health Concern Update

Dear California North Advancing Team Coaches,

Once again, congratulations on your advancement to the NorCal tournament! 

Now that all of the regional tournaments are behind us, this update is to confirm that we plan to hold our California North tournament with serious attention to the risks presented by the Coronavirus.  

As some of you may already know, the March 7 Silicon Valley tournament was cancelled when the school was abruptly closed for a deep cleaning. The directors were notified at 10:30 AM March 6. We cannot predict what will happen in the next 3 weeks, but we will be monitoring public health notifications and hope that we do not face any similar barrier on March 28. 

The good news is, we will be welcoming the Silicon Valley teams to compete at the NorCal tournament with a “tournament within a tournament” scoring strategy. The SV teams will earn their regional awards and based on those, the advancing teams from SV will be included in the California North scoring.  

Below are common sense steps based on public health info that we will be taking and that we strongly request all participants take to limit risks of anyone becoming infected or of transmitting an infection to others.  

  1. Anyone experiencing flu like symptoms such as fever, cough, body aches, fatigue, and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea please do not come.
  2. Anyone with risk factors such as asthma, other chronic lung disease, a compromised immune system, frail health, or advanced age would be wise to limit risk and not attend.
  3. Audience sizes will be limited by closing the doors early if the rooms are at full seating capacity. Consider limiting guests this year to help us minimize crowded areas. 
  4. Any hands-on materials in spontaneous and actively used surfaces such as door knobs and judging tables in all problem sites will be disinfected between team performances.  We will provide some hand sanitizing stations, but you are encouraged to wash hands frequently and bring your own supplies.
  5. The food trucks will be spaced farther apart to prevent lines from becoming overly crowded. 
  6. Food in the judges’ hospitality room will be prepared and served by volunteers with gloves and masks.
  7. Regional pins will be distributed as full sets. We love pin trading, but feel it is unwise this year.
  8. Lastly, there will not be a conventional awards ceremony. Team placements will be announced and medals and trophies probably given to coaches at the performance venues. We are still working out the details about how best to make this fun, so please stand by. 

Please share all of this information with your team parents. Our goal is to keep the tournament as special as it can be while being realistic about mitigating the possible risks involved in this large a gathering.

And finally – the response rate from judges who assisted at the regional tournaments is quite low. Please connect with the judges who assisted on behalf of your team, and make sure they know we need them. Plus, if a team judge is traveling more than 100 miles to the tournament, there is a stipend that will cover $70 for one night’s lodging and $50 for a second night – even if they share a room with another judge!


Saundra Hodges
California North Volunteer Association Director