2019 Season January To Dos

We are in the midst of the 2019 season.  Teams have been hard at work on long term solutions.  The creativity is in full swing all across California South.  Now is a good time to make sure many important tasks are done.

  • Team registered.  Your team should be registered at this point.  If you have not already do so contact your regional director TODAY!
  • Spontaneous. If your region has a spontaneous event be sure to participate.  This a great place for your team to learn and practice the magic that happens in the secret rooms of spontaneous.  Spontaneous is a key part of letting your team’s creativity shine for the judges.  Very important part of the Odyssey of the Mind program.
  • Tournament Payment.  Your fee payments are what allows tournaments and events to happen in your region and in the association.  In most regions payments are due NOW, so  if you haven’t already done so be sure to get those payments submitted.
  • Judges and Volunteers. Every team should make sure the judge(s) and volunteer(s) are registered.  Judges and volunteers are an integral part of this volunteer based program.  The more judges and volunteers we have participating makes the experience of all NorCalomers the best possible.  EVERY team needs to supply judge and volunteer.
  •  Tournament.  Check your region’s website for the latest information on the upcoming tournament. Also, remind your parents and support of your tournament date and location.

Last but not least, HAVE FUN!  This program is about the journey and this is the time that coaches are not sure if it will all come together, but the secret is that will.  Enjoy the journey.