Coach Training Webinar 2020-21 (For ALL Coaches in ALL Regions)

Event Details

For your convenience all training will take place online.  To start you will begin with our online self-paced training you can take at your convenience and then it will be followed by a webinar run by expert volunteers.  You do not need to review the online self-paced training all at once, but it is important to review the material and take the check-in quizzes prior to the webinar. This self-paced environment provides you more flexibility while significantly shortening  the “in seat” time needed to attend the webinar.

There are three elements to the training:

  • We have a self-paced set of videos that explain the history and mechanics of Odyssey of the Mind
  • We have a live interactive webinar with guest presenters from throughout the regions
  • We will have problem specific videos for each of the problem conduct by the Problem Captains.

To get your self-paced online training started follow these steps:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on your region to register for access to the online training and resource
  3. Click Login to Enroll button
  4. Follow steps to Register
  5. On the left-hand side you will see the list of courses.  Click on Introduction Video to Coaches Training to begin your online training.

There are two courses, a short video and online course work on the program.  The entire online work will take approximately an hour to complete. You do not need to take it all at once, but do need to complete it prior to the webinar.  

Register for the webinar. You only need to attend ONE.