For the first time ever a Coaching the Coaches Workshop!

(This is a workshop offered in addition to the mandatory yearly Regional Coaches’  Training.  This does NOT replace yearly regional coach training.)

Mark your calendar and save the date!!!

November 9, 2019
Concord, California
At the Willow Creek Center, 1026 Mohr Lane
$20.00 per person

Odyssey of the Mind is a very unique creative program that is like no other. Coaching a team of students looking outside of the box for solutions can be a one of a kind experiences with great rewards. The Coaches Workshop was developed to help coaches acquire tools for a toolbox of creative guidance in this program.  Come add to your toolbox.

The areas of focus for the sessions being offered at the workshop are:

Spontaneous 1 :  Discover what happens in the secret rooms of spontaneous.  Learn the  basics, how to  use materials in many different way, and what are great sources. TAKE AWAY MATERIALS TOO!

Spontaneous 2:  For experienced team ONLY (3+ years of experience.) Learn the next steps to coaching spont.  Learn about debriefing the team, getting the most from the experience, and what are the judges point of view.

Style:  The impact of style is great so learn to this area works.  Themes versus story, use of props and backdrops, and thinking about music.

Basics of Structure:  Dive into the world of structure.  Structure concepts are used in all areas of Odyssey.  Learn the basics and building techniques.

Teams and Tools:  Break the limits of not knowing how to use different types of tools from sewing to shop work.   Learn how to use many different tools and how teach your students.

Working with Balsa:  Balsa is not created all the same.  Learn about balsa and how to work with this unique wood.

Engineering Devices:  Concepts of moving mechanisms is in every long term problem so learn to the basics.  Discover how devices, vehicles, and propulsion works and how to guide your students.

Sourcing Materials:  OM is the ultimate reuse focus program.  Learn to find source materials and information for all areas of the program.

Teamwork:  Bring all the people that are part of the team together, from parents to students, to work towards creative solutions.  Learn how to manage the team, team building concepts and activities, and how to challenge team members.

Breaking Down A Problem: Understanding long term problems helps your team find the creative solutions.  Learn how to analyze and dissect  a problem and create a universal solution that could work for any problem.

When attending the workshop you will get to participate in four sessions that you choose.

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Close on November 6th at 4:00 P.M.

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