Recycle Art Gallery 

Have you ever visited a museum and thought “Hey, I could make that?”  Well, now’s your chance!  California Odyssey of the Mind (NorCal + SoCal) invites you to be a featured artist in the grand opening of the Recycled Art Gallery (the RAG).  As you clean out your room, garage, or pantry, it’s time to get creative before you take a trip out to the trash. 

How to become a featured artist:

  1. Using recycled materials (ex. Toilet paper rolls, magazines, old clothes, leftover stale jelly beans), create a work of art in any of the following categories:
    1. 2D art
    2. 3D art
    3. Fashion
    4. Tech art (must have some form of motion which can be shown in a 30 second or less video)
    5. Musical instrument (must be able to demonstrate how the instrument makes noise in a 30 second or less video)
  2. Take a picture of your artwork OR a 30 second or less video if submitting a musical instrument or tech art 
  3. Email your submission to 
  4. When your artwork is loaded to our Instagram art gallery, share the link with friends and family so they can “like” your art!  If your artwork receives the most likes, we will display it on our State Association website for all past, current and future OMers to admire.


  1. All artwork must be made from recyclable items/material, however, you may use any type of glue or tape as needed to create the art.  The recycled items must be the star of the artwork.
  2. Recycled items as defined by this art gallery include any materials you would have thrown away in your trash can or taken to a recycling center.  
  3. You MAY submit items your team created for your long-term solution, but you must give credit to all artists involved
  4. All artwork needs to be submitted with the following:
    1. Artist name(s) and grade level
    2. Odyssey of the Mind membership name and city
    3. Title of the artwork
    4. Brief description of the media used to create your art.  Descriptions should not be longer than 100 words.
  5. Video submissions should not be longer than 30 seconds and are only for artwork in the tech art category or musical instrument.
  6. Your artwork should not cost more than $30 to create (use OotM Program Guide for questions about budget)


Virtual Creativity Festival Stamps:

Artists thank you for showing your art in the RAG. Once you have submitted your art display via email, be sure to click on the California Creative Festival Virtual Stamp button to collect your Virtual Stamp.

Collect more creative festival badges. CLICK HERE